Manifesto of Political Party “Da, Bulgaria Movement”

Monday 12th of February 2018

Manifesto of Political Party “Da, Bulgaria Movement”

Bulgaria is in the grip of political corruption. Institutions do not protect the interests of citizens. Lawlessness exists on all governmental levels. People in power are unassailable.

The oligarchy plunders national assets, public budgets, government procurements, European Union (EU) funds, and peoples’ savings. This corruption breeds poverty.

We refuse to live in a country that is not governed by justice and the rule of law—a country broken by poverty and inequality and which is vulnerable to the destruction of its natural resources.

We want to work for a new Bulgaria in which freedom and dignity lead to personal growth and success. We want a country which nurtures the dreams of each and every one of its citizens.

We, the founders of political party “Da, Bulgaria Movement”, believe the following principles are sacrosanct:

  • personal freedom and human rights;
  • justice determined by the rule of law;
  • security through democracy and strong institutions;
  • a government that solely serves the public interest;
  • the creation of wealth through innovation and free enterprise;
  • social solidarity in healthy and enlightened civic communities;
  • pluralism and freedom in public debate.

The prime reason behind the founding of political party “Da, Bulgaria Movement” is to dismantle the currently corrupt model of governance and put an end to poverty. We aim to increase prosperity and the quality of life for all Bulgarian citizens.

To achieve this goal, we are determined to do the following:

  • reform the law-enforcement system and strengthen the rule of law;
  • reinforce the independence and competence of institutions, based on a clear legal foundation instead of political arbitrariness;
  • install competent regulators who guard free competition and break down monopolies and cartels;
  • end the theft of public funds directly linked to rigged public procurements; eliminate severe tax evasion and contraband by companies and individuals eluding the law by corrupting state institutions;
  • tackle poverty through genuine economic growth and thus raise personal income, including pensions. We believe that the best way to do this is to increase the competitiveness of Bulgarian businesses by stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship and strengthening links between business, education, and science;
  • introduce educational standards that meet the needs of the contemporary world, and implement youth policies raising socially engaged citizens;
  • build a small, transparent administration and functional e-governance. Stimulate career development, based on professional qualities and integrity;
  • make decisions based on expertise, analysis, and data and include participants from civil society, thus ensuring the adequacy and predictability of proposed policies;
  • introduce a legislative framework safeguarding independent ownership of media outlets and their compliance with high professional standards and put an end to politically financed media;
  • pursue the national security of the country, ensure its energy independence, preserve its natural resources, and improve the health and lives of all Bulgarian citizens;
  • complete the integration of Bulgaria into EU structures, including full membership in the euro area, the Schengen Area, and the banking union;
  • pursue foreign policy based on Bulgaria being a reliable member of the EU and NATO and as such will sustain equal relations of cooperation.

We call on all citizens of Bulgaria!

Join in the battle against corruption!

Our duty is to protect our fatherland from lawlessness.

We believe that by standing up against crime and political corruption, we will reverse emigration and keep young people in Bulgaria. By doing this, we can offer them a future here as well as a dignified existence for our parents.

We want to teach our children patriotism and to bequeath to them a proud and dignified Bulgaria.

We want to be a thriving community of citizens, regardless of whether we live inside or outside the country’s borders.

Da, Bulgaria!

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