Bulgaria’s outgoing prime minister is under fire

Bulgaria’s outgoing prime minister is under fire

Explosive allegations in parliament

At a party the boss is playing cards with his friends. One of them shows a video about what happened to a businessman who did not do what they wanted; he was filmed being sexually abused in custody. Another member of the group, known as “the chicken”, has paid €2,500 ($3,025) to a glamorous woman to “take care” of the boss. Others give the big man gold bars as gifts. It sounds like something out of a gangster movie. But the “boss” is allegedly Boyko Borisov, Bulgaria’s prime minister until this week.

The description of the party and other allegations of misconduct were made by Svetoslav Ilchovsky, who owns an agricultural business. He was testifying on May 5th and 7th to a parliamentary committee examining the behaviour of Mr Borisov and his party, which has dominated politics since 2009. A general election on April 4th was inconclusive: no party was able to form a government. A new poll has been called for July 11th. Meanwhile the president, a political foe of Mr Borisov, appointed a caretaker government on May 11th.

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