Democratic Bulgaria can do much better

Democratic Bulgaria can do much better

We believe that Bulgaria can do much better. We can be a forward-looking country, open to the future and to the achievements of the contemporary world. We can develop much faster. We can take our worthy place in the family of successful and developed countries where entrepreneurial spirit and freedom create wealth and opportunities for growth.

We, the parties that build DEMOCRATIC BULGARIA, stand in opposition to the corruption-ridden model of governance, established by GERB, BSP and MRF, which robs the country of its future, undermines democratic values on a daily basis, diverts Bulgaria away of its Euro-Atlantic path and deprives young generations of the prospect of building their lives in a free and democratic society.

Today, only the courage and the unity of the democratic community can break the deadlock masked as “stability” and remove the obstacles to unleashing the nation’s potential.

Our ideal is a democratic Bulgaria with solid institutions, rule of law and freedom of entrepreneurship, an equal and strong member of the core of EU and NATO justifying the benefits of the second wave of integration.

We can achieve this through governance driven by the constant pursuit of freedom, justice and democracy, which guarantees:

  • Separation of powers and equality before the law;
  • Free competition and independent regulators;
  • Protection of private property;
  • Integrity in serving the public interest;
  • Free media;
  • Fair elections.

In DEMOCRATIC BULGARIA, we join our forces to offer a governance alternative ensuring:

  • Well-being and quality of life for Bulgarian citizens;
  • Competitive economy and accelerated economic growth;
  • Sustainable management of natural resources.

Our governance alternative builds on a bold and long-term vision that focuses on:

  • Intelligent economic growth based on technological advancement, innovation and knowledge, digital transformation in the economy and public institutions, forward-looking regulation, better quality jobs and new business opportunities that arise in such setting;
  • Human capital development through investment in new education and skills for the future that would respond to business needs and would keep in pace with the fast-changing modern world; investment in the nation’s health and in attracting and retaining talents and unlocking the potential of „Greater Bulgaria“ together with the Bulgarian communities abroad;
  • Sovereignty and efficiency of energy supply, development of renewable sources and intelligent transmission and distribution networks, clean transport and clean energy;
  • Social security and inclusion, secure homes and protected borders.

We will work together for a democratic Bulgaria that pays heed to the dreams of every citizen. A free country, with fair and impartial rules, competent and respectable institutions, a country respected and strong. A new Bulgaria that uses its advantages and human capital to bring its development to a higher level. A nation that far from merely striving to catch up, has earned a place among the leaders of change and growth. This is our understanding of duty and patriotism, and our vision of shared prosperity.